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Psychology 1100: General Psychology 3 Credit Hours

A survey of the study of behavior and mental processes with emphasis on the scientific nature of contemporary psychological investigation. Topics discussed include research methods, the biology of behavior, sensation and perception, stress and adjustment, learning, memory, cognition, motivation, emotion, life-span development, personality, abnormal behavior and its therapies, social behavior, and individual differences. Prerequisite: A passing score on the reading assessment exam. (3 lecture hours)

Course Objectives

This course will provide you with an introduction to psychology which is the scientific study of behavior. Upon completing this course the student should have:

  • Developed an appreciation of how scientific values and principles relate to the study of psychology.
  • The ability to read literature and understand events of a public or private nature that pertain to the field of psychology.
  • The ability to communicate with others who have had training in the field, through the proper understanding and development of an accurate vocabulary of terms.
  • The ability to plan one's procedures and make decisions consistent with known principles of psychology.
  • The ability to take advanced courses in psychology.

Distance-learning students need to be self-directed and self-motivated in their approach to learning and possess effective study skills and habits. Prospective students considering enrolling in a distance-learning course are encouraged to use a Short Self-assessment Survey to discover if they have the necessary academic characteristics to be successful distance learners.

All students should be familiar with the provisions for use a student rights and responsibilities as stated in the C/D College Catalog. Class will be conducted subjec to those provisions.